Welcome to YOUCAT India

YOUCAT India is a national youth catechesis movement approved by the CCBI (Conference of Catholic Bishops in India). We are currently spread across 12 Indian states. Our four pillars are

  • Formation – we have a number of study groups and YOUCAT courses which do a systematic study of magisterial teachings in a setting where the person is plugged into the life of the church.
  • Cyber Mission – Our online presence and online courses are extremely well thought of for busy people to participate in without taking too much of their time during the day.
  • Participation – every YOUCAT India project is headed by a young person and has a diverse team of youth across India. Young people often discover their hidden gifts and vocations when they work with us across various projects. It is also a good training for life as they have to lead the project and make critical decisions.
  • to serve the local church – at the end of a YOUCAT program, young people are led to be a part of their local church communities thus reviving them in a small but meaningful way.

Do you know? The best person to evangelize a young person is another young person